Three Points for Reading a Paper

Why does this paper matter?

  • Read carefully of just skim
  • The goal of this research
  • Why is it interesting for us to think/talk about?

What does it talk about?

  • Research Question?
  • Hypotheses?
  • Findingis?

What are the methods it used?

  • Population (age, gender, …), time, locations, etc.
  • What are DVs and IVs?
  • How are thy measuresed? Why to use it rather than the other?

My Reading Sequence

  1. Abstract
  1. Methods + Analysis

  2. Result part
  1. Reflections
  1. Find some explanations in the introductions and discussion part

Lets Do It!

Abramov, I., Gordon, J., Feldman, O., & Chavarga, A. (2012). Sex & vision I: Spatio-temporal resolution. Biology of Sex Differences, 3(1), 20.

Example Abstract